Have you ever wondered where your thought about money came from? Believe it or not, most of our ideology surrounding money comes to us before we even start 2nd grade! If you are ready to dive into a conversation all about the origins of your money mindset, tune in to today’s episode!

In this podcast episode we discuss the profound impact of childhood conditioning on women’s beliefs and behaviors related to money. I emphasize how subconscious beliefs are formed during the first seven years of life, shaping 95% of our adult results. Exploring generational differences, I highlight how societal changes and media representations contribute to a wealth gap between genders. Listen in to identify your limiting and positive beliefs about money, and gain insights into how your childhood experiences have influenced your financial decisions and self-worth.

We talk about: 

  • The importance of your childhood in relation to money
  • Generational power over debt, work ethic, and retirement
  • Growing up with a disparity in gender regarding finances

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43 | Unlocking Wealth: How Childhood Conditioning Impacts Women’s Money Mindset


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