Do you want to change how you think and react to the idea of budgeting, taxes, and wealth? Why not exchanges that negative energy for positive? Tune in to find out how! 

If you find yourself struggling with your mindset around money, don’t be fooled into believing you are powerless to change it. Your brain can be rewired and trained to exchange negative ideas and feelings about money for positive ones! I’ve brought in a guest who is an authority on the brain and how it works to share with you!

Dr. Elizabeth Cronin is a clinical psychologist and certified mindfulness meditation teacher and she’s the author of mindfulness journal for mental health. She’s also a host for the new books network, podcast and interviews, authors of books on psychology, spiritual practice, and mindfulness she has so so many things that we could go in to why she’s an expert on the brain, why she’s an expert on mindfulness. And her guest bio wouldn’t be complete without including the fact that she is mom and comes from a large family. Both have shaped so much of who she is and have to be included!

We talk about: 

  • Bringing mindful orientation into your life
  • Your Brain and money and how they work together
  • Learning to control what aspects you can, ie your environment
  • The power of visualization

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42 | Rethinking, Retraining, and Relearning the Power of the Brain with Dr. Elizabeth Cronin


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