If you are using social media for your business, you want the effort you put there to yield results. Time is our most valuable resource so we need to see our efforts pay off. If you want a “how to” on making Instagram reels work, today’s episode is for you!

Can Instagram reels be used to convert leads? We all know Instagram can be a beneficial tool for marketing, but you may not realize that Reels themselves are a great way to generate quality leads. Listen in as Jordan Gill shares expert advice on how to maximize different parts of Instagram.

I love having repeat guests on the show, and Jordan Gill was an OG guest on my first podcast. It’s fun seeing how we have changed since that first recording! In the past, Jordan centered her business model around VIP days but has now moved more toward helping clients realize what they want to be known for, and how to leave their mark and imprint on the world. She also dabbles in relational marketing! Outside of work, she is a wife, bonus mom, dog mom, and foodie!

We talk about: 

  • How to use reels to build your funnel
  • Examples of good messaging
  • Using reels to generate leads

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41 | Reel Talk with Jordan Gill


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