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- Rachel M.

“My highest revenue month ever! Credit card debt paid off and we got a new car. Feeling extra grateful today. You change peoples lives!”

- Madeline H.

“I used to be a big time impulsive spender but I now with a budget and the tools I need to truly be a CFO of my business I feel empowered to NOT always spend if it isn’t serving me, my family and my business."

- Angie

“[Erinn] takes a comprehensive approach to your finances, both personal and business, and has a knack for uncovering those hidden blind spots. Working with her has been a game-changer for me.”

- Natalie S.

“[Erinn] pushed me to investigate the areas of my money mindset and business that I had preferred to just not "deal" with. I don't think I would have grown or made any changes without having that push!”

- Brooklyn

“money has always been an icky thing for me and has had A LOT of negative energy around it, but the way you talk about money and finances truly shifted my mindset.”

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