Speaking Opportunities

Elevate your conference or event with a big personality and expert in money management. As a seasoned coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge to inspire and empower your audience, offering valuable insights on money mindset and management for creative entrepreneurs.

As a natural communicator and connector, I've enjoyed a decade-long journey sharing about my experience and insights as a public speaker. 

I have delivered impactful keynotes for events such as a local creative entrepreneur gathering (150 attendees) and a women's event (200+ attendees), participating as a speaker on live panels, conducting a number of engaging online workshops within masterminds and other coaching programs, and serving as a summit guest speaker for various online brands. 

Additionally, I've shared insights on over 30 podcasts, featuring on platforms like Cubicle to Ceo and Talk with Renee Dalo. In my previous roles, I've also facilitated workshops, spoke on stages, and co-taught in a collegiate leadership class.

Bring money expertise, insight, and energy to your next event or workshop

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All pitches are tailored to your audience’s (and event’s) needs.

Topics include super tactical tips, strategies, and more that are essential in both personal and business finances in order for your audience to build real wealth.

Money Management

I am available as a keynote speaker, panelist, podcast guest, and guest coach. We can discuss a variety of topics, with my expertise falling into the following groupings:

Topics highlight brain science, societal structures, human behavior and tangible exercises and practices that can change the game for your audience. 

Money Mindset