If there was a media outlet that was the number one growing media outlet, wouldn’t you want to utilize it? Join Ellen Yin and myself as we dive into a conversation about the power of podcasting.

As an entrepreneur you have limited time. Chances are you wear multiple hats. Time is precious so you need to maximize the efforts you put out. While you have many different options to consider when it comes to marketing and networking, you need to consider the benefits of podcasting. Ellen Yin is here to walk you through the process of podcast pitching!

Ellen Yin is a superstar when it comes to teaching other entrepreneurs about pitching themselves on podcasts, and getting more visible. She built her company, Cubicle to CEO from the ground up with $300. It’s now a business that has generated over $2 million in revenue and has grown to include may different online programs and offerings.

We talk about: 

  • Giving yourself permission to pivot
  • The power of pitching yourself
  • Building relationship through podcasts
  • The do’s and don’ts of writing a good pitch
  • Agency pitching verses personal pitching

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44 | Leveraging the Power of Podcast with Ellen Yin


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