When someone asks about your brand, do you automatically think about your font and color palette? If you do, you aren’t alone! But a brand is SO MUCH MORE than that. To truly understand what a brand is, how it works within your business, and how it ties to your marketing strategy, I’ve invited an expert in the biz to share with you!

As entrepreneurs, we want our clients to understand the story that brought us to where we are as a business. Our products, services, and offerings are so personal to who we are. The way you help your customer understand your story is through your branding. If you aren’t sure how to leverage the power of branding in your business, Steph Weber is here to show you how! Are you in?

Steph Weber is a fellow Hoosier and momma of almost 2! She has 10 years of experience helping brands create marketing strategies. Steph recognizes the importance of the freedoms that being an entrepreneur offers! She is dedicated more than most but enjoys a flexible schedule. While she and her family live in Indiana currently, they will someday move west to the mountains!We talk about: 

  • How brand strategy affects marketing and vice versa
  • The components of developing a brand from a high level
  • The importance of infusing your story into your brand
  • How to create a crystal clear message, story, or connection with your buyer
  • Subliminal messaging

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33 | Getting your brand dialed in with Steph Weber


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