If you want to learn from an expert in the industry, you want to hear from Emily King. She’s been in the coaching business for a while now and has graciously agreed to share some of her knowledge and expertise with you!

Sometimes you need to walk through the fundamentals. You need someone to hold your hand and guide you through the steps necessary to reach your highest self (personally and in business). If you let it, my conversation with Emily King has the ability to illuminate some practical steps you can take toward discovering your goals, your gratitude, and your mindset!

Emily King has been a money mindset coach and business mentor since 2015. Basically, she is an OG in the industry! Her passion is to help women grow profitable businesses. In addition to helping cultivate a generation of wealthy women, Emily enjoys life in Canada with her husband and kiddo!

We talk about: 

  • Balancing WOO with a more masculine energy
  • The power of combining mindset with action
  • Choosing trust over fear
  • Gratitude for the good and bad
  • Why you need to be a decisive wealthy woman

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32 | Unpacking the power of Woo with Emily King


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