Do you want to get involved in real estate investing? What better way to learn than following along our conversation with Tia Goff? We answer the questions you may have through her curiosity! Tuning in will give you a better idea about if real estate investing is for you!

We’ve crammed a ton of information into this episode. If you have had questions about real estate investing, they could be answered soon! Even if you aren’t interested in investing yourself, but are just curious about what we do to grow our wealth, listen in!

Tia is a wedding photographer with 10 years of photo taking experience. What started as a means to pay for date night with her husband, Cameron, turned into a full blown business! Together they have mastered photography and launched an education course for photographers to utilize in their first years in photography!We talk about: 

  • What a HELOC is and two ways your home gains equity
  • The importance of looking good to a bank
  • Creative ways to get lending for real estate investing
  • Alphabet Soup (DSCR)
  • Diversifying
  • What it’s like to access a HELOC as an entrepreneur

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34 | Our Way to Wealth with Tia Goff


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