Have you ever wondered why 82% of small businesses fail in the first 3 years? In today’s conversation with Heather and Jamie, we take a look at why many people are failing in business and how you can avoid it!

Tune in to hear 3 entrepreneurs talk about the importance of knowing your numbers! Each individual offers a unique perspective on the importance of understanding the back side of your business.

Meet Heather Lacey, the visionary behind Heather Marie Photography, a seasoned wedding and senior photographer nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Beyond her creative lens, Heather possesses a unique flair for numbers, turning her love for taxes into a captivating side venture. Fueling her passion for education, she generously shares her expertise, enriching the community with her insights. Also meet Jamie, a dynamic force in the world of photography and education. As a collective photographer based in Pennsylvania, Jamie Fisher brings a unique blend of artistic vision and educational prowess to the table. With a profound passion for mentorships and a penchant for delving into the intricacies of the industry’s backend, Jamie, in collaboration with Heather Lacey, strives to empower fellow photographers and small business owners on their journey to building sustainable and thriving enterprises.

We talk about: 

  • The most common struggles photographers face when it comes to understanding their numbers
  • Getting into business as a creative outlet only to learn its 20% creativity and 80% the backside of your business
  • How money helps you reach all your goals
  • Some numbers that are helpful to know when running a small business

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