A transformative experience designed around money expansion, mindset empowerment, and a vibrant community for female business owners. Guaranteed to elevate your money work and have you return home feeling refreshed, motivated, and more abundant.

Wealthy Women Retreats

The Wealthy Women Retreat is a 2-day experience that takes place in the heart of Indianapolis packed full of connection, confidence, and creativity and designed to help you achieve money expansion and feel empowered .

Experience the momentum of being in the room with other inspiring women who are on this entrepreneurial journey with you, who also desire abundance and freedom, and who aren’t afraid to talk about MONEY in a safe space.

Connect, Ideate, and Energize IRL

What's Included

Each attendee receives dedicated time for workshopping and brainstorming, ensuring that you embody what you learn and understand how to apply things specifically to your business so you walk away with something really transformational. I also give you personalized coaching attention throughout the whole experience.

Personalized Attention

What’s a retreat without good food?! Our days include a breakfast spread, thoughtfully delivered lunches, and vibrant group dinners, including a special dinner party event that adds a touch of celebration for the group. All meals and alcohol included.


Our guests will stay at one of our retreat houses in the heart of Indianapolis. Indy is the perfect host city - not only do you benefit from me being a local, but the city's central location also provides easy access for everyone to travel to and come join in the retreat experience.


To break up conventional coaching sessions, we also have the most fun programming planned throughout the retreat like relaxing massages to unwind and recharge or local adventures such as cooking classes to enjoy and connect with the whole group outside of the workshops.

Surprise experiences

The Wealthy Woman Retreats offer a unique blend of modern networking and genuine connection, providing a supportive environment for everyone. Designed to be inclusive and safe, these retreats encourage open dialogue and respect so we can freely express themselves and connect authentically with others.


We know how hard it can be to keep on top of new content. That’s why we put on a professional photoshoot where everyone will receive new headshots and founders' photos, capturing the essence of their success and providing new assets for their personal and business branding.


High-Performance Coach and Agency Owner

Amanda Foust

Piano influencer and content creator

Brianne Paik

visibility coach and content creator

Mariah Althoff

confidence coach and mentor

Renae Saager

What they’re saying

Stop looking at your business as a source of income and start looking at it as a tool to build generational wealth. 

While every retreat is as unique as the group that makes it, here are examples of programming that we’ve covered on past retreats to show you how:

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Flexible Planning and Idea Bouncing
Community and Creative Inspiration
money mindset and goal clarity
  • Understanding money strategy, financial structures, growth opportunities, and making business adjustments.
  • Exploration for structured planning methods.
  • Curiosity about others' planning approaches (monthly vs quarterly plans, marketing channels, big vs smaller goals).

Topics covered:

Strategic Planning and Execution
Flexible Planning and Idea Bouncing
Community and Creative Inspiration
money mindset and goal clarity
  • Support in overcoming money mindset blocks.
  • Clarity on personal goals and vision for the year.
  • Strategies and tools to take effective actions aligned with goals.
  • Commitment to daily activities that positively impact the business.

Topics covered:

Strategic Planning and Execution
Flexible Planning and Idea Bouncing
Community and Creative Inspiration
money mindset and goal clarity
  • Connecting with fellow business owners.
  • Exploration of new offers, messaging, and shared experiences around launching.
  • Seeking feedback on business investments (and what to prioritize).
  • Preference for a creative, non-technical approach over tools and systems.

Topics covered:

Strategic Planning and Execution
Flexible Planning and Idea Bouncing
Community and Creative Inspiration
money mindset and goal clarity
  • Embracing a mix of planned and spontaneous approaches when it comes to planning for the future.
  • Creating white space for reflection and anticipation.
  • Seeking collaborative discussions to refine strategies.
  • Valuing the exchange of ideas and feedback for clarity.

Topics covered:

Strategic Planning and Execution

This is a sample itinerary, and actual timings and activities may vary based on the specific details of the retreat.

Revel in the culmination of the day with cocktails and a delightful dinner party, full of connections and celebration.

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM: Dinner Party

Capture the essence of your success with with new headshots and founders' photos at our Wealthy Woman Photoshoot.

4:30 PM - 5:40 PM: Wealthy Woman Photoshoot

Gain insights into money mindset and management that will reshape your approach to success.

3:30 PM - 4:25 PM: Session Four: Uncover the Secrets of the Wealthy

Take a break, freshen up, or use this time to step into your "Wealthy Woman Attire" in preparation for a special photoshoot.

2:45 PM - 3:25 PM: Break

Take a moment to process and reflect during a transformative Journaling and Meditation session, fostering introspection and clarity.

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM: Journaling and Meditation

Engage in more focused discussions with the next round of Hot Seats.

1:30 PM - 2:10 PM: Personalized Hot Seats (2 sessions, 25 mins each)

Stay ahead of the curve in Session Three, exploring the latest Marketing Trends in 2024 to propel your business forward.

12:30 PM - 1:25 PM: Session Three: Explore Marketing Trends in 2024

Experience the spotlight in personalized Hot Seats, a unique opportunity for tailored insights and support from the group.

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM: Personalized Hot Seats (2 sessions, 25 mins each)

Dedicated session and support to overcoming mindset blocks. We’ll discuss commitment to daily activities that positively impact your business. Goals include walking away with increased confidence and developing a positive and refreshed mindset for the upcoming year.

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM: Session Two: Mindset Confidence

Dive into our first session of the day, where you'll gain clarity on your personal goals, business targets, and your vision for the year. Conclude the session with a clear vision and actionable game plan for achieving said goals.

9:00 AM - 9:55 AM: Session One: Goal Setting

Start the day with a leisurely breakfast at our charming retreat house, setting the tone for a day of connection and inspiration.

8:00 AM - 8:55 AM: Breakfast

The Schedule

here’s what we’ll do

-Madeline Hornung

It's so refreshing to sit in a room and be so transparent about money and to talk so openly about it — unlike at other masterminds where [money] is also the focus.

[The retreat] was so nice and you just attract awesome people. I loved every single one of the girls who was there and I can't wait for the next one. I want to say thank you and you're the best and I cannot wait to come back.

“the retreat was so awesome!"

-alane gianetti

Erinn has such a gift for bringing like minded women together and getting to spend two days with other female entrepreneurs who are doing incredible things in both their business and their life was absolutely invaluable. No details of the retreat of the retreat were overlooked — from the kick off massages to the session topics to the activities all the way down to the aesthetics of the Airbnb that we stayed at. And everyone was so welcoming and supportive and so open when sharing about their businesses and journeys! I left the retreat with mindset shifts as well as tactical strategies to take action in my business and I feel so confident, empowered, and motivated to rock this year.

“no details of the retreat were overlooked!”

-mariah althoff

I just don't think I realized how much is possible for building generational wealth simply because I decided to take a chance on myself and build a business.  I am no longer thinking of my business as just a form of income; I now think of it as something that can impact my grandkids and that's insane. The retreat itself was above and beyond anything I could've ever imagined. You're an incredible host, your homes are beautiful, and I just hope you know how much your impacting people in a way that I don't even think you realize. So thank you for being so open and honest and inspiring. I genuinely think you are a visionary and it inspires me to step into such a bigger role than I've ever thought I could.

“i just hope you know how much you're impacting people."

-Renae Sagaar

I really wasn't sure what to expect, I haven't been to an in-person retreat in forever. I was just excited to get out of the house and go meet other women. I have some severe trauma from coaching — like, I always thought it was going to prevent me from ever making money because I'm still resentful of the coaching industry. And it was just nice to be around normal people with businesses, [working on] mindset and confidence together. You also did such a beautiful job facilitating and balancing it all. The meal on the last night was amazing and your house is beautiful — I just can't get over [it]...absolutely gorgeous. I just I had such a great time.

“it was just so beautiful”

After this retreat, you will:

It’s my goal to ensure that you leave the retreat feeling transformed. With newfound money clarity and strategy plans under your belt, you’ll wrap up the experience feeling motivated to carry on your personal and professional growth long after our time together.

Feel Energized by Time Well-Spent on your personal and business growth

Shift your Mindset around money and gain a Renewed Sense of abundance

Have a plan of business adjustments that support Money Goals and growth opportunities

Deepen your business acumen with high-level women and Uncover New Ideas

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Who are these retreats for? 

When are applications open?

Erinn works to intentionally curate each retreat with like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs. She does this through direct invites and by reviewing the applications of those interested. 

How do you fill the retreats?

Who are these retreats for? 

When are applications open?  

Erinn is consistently reviewing and giving spaces to the right fits to join the next round!! Apply! We would love to see if you are a good fit! 

How do you fill the retreats? 

Who are these retreats for? 

When are applications open?  

The Wealthy Women Retreats are designed to help 6-figure female entrepreneurs seeking connection, confidence, and creativity, with the aim of helping each attendee achieve money expansion and empowerment.

How do you fill the retreats? 

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