The Wealthy Woman Podcast hosted by Strategic Money Coach Erinn Bridgman is dedicated to helping creative female entrepreneur raise their income and impact and grow their personal wealth. Erinn is trailblazing a wealthy woman movement that teaches the same principles that have helped take her from six-figure earner to millionaire!

Are you a business owner who makes six figures or more but still doesn’t feel like you’re experiencing the lifestyle and financial freedom you desire? Have you wanted to strengthen your understanding around money mindset and money management but usually talk yourself out of it by saying numbers just “aren’t your thing?”

In this podcast, we will make numbers feel sexy and talk about money in fun and exciting ways! Erinn will put some podcast guests on the hot seat to coach them through relatable money obstacles. PLUS you will hear from experts who are living out exactly where you want to be so you can learn how to apply what they’ve learned on their wealth-building journey. 

After listening to The Wealthy Woman Podcast, you should feel more equipped with each episode to tackle your finances, work less, earn more, and love what you do! It’s time to shift your relationship with money so you can attract more of it and achieve the financial success you desire. Financial abundance awaits you when you listen to The Wealthy Woman Podcast.  

Check out to take the next step towards financial freedom and be on your way to becoming a wealthy woman.

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