Have you ever been in a situation as an entrepreneur when the $hit hit the fan, and you didn’t know where to turn? Heidi Busche is your gal! She specializes in helping entrepreneurial women use micro-strategy to generate cash and momentum in their businesses, and is support for when things go wrong!

If you ever suffer from imposter syndrome as a business owner, and need a bit of added confidence to own entrepreneurship, this episode is for you!

Heidi spent years in the love, dating and relationship space.Using her expertise and lived experience to help women identify and change painful patterns in their relationships. But in 2020 she made a BIG pivot, and now she helps entrepreneurial women use mirco-strategy to gain clarity and momentum in their businesses all while taking cash to the bank.

We talk about: 

  • What is the best tool you recommend for imposter syndrome?
  • How is it even possible to keep it simple, when you’re a solo-preneur? 
  • How can new entrepreneurs figure out how to price their offer?

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