Tax season is right around the corner. If that creates sweaty palms and an upset stomach, today’s episode is for you! Join us as we help prepare you to file taxes with ease!

We wear so many hats as entrepreneurs and adding tax accountant to the mix is just too much! But, the more you know the better! Brittney Settle joins us today to give us a crash course education to prepare us for the upcoming tax season!

Brittany, an Indianapolis-based CPA and founder of Knies Co, a virtual CPA firm catering to online entrepreneurs and educators, is a self-proclaimed financial guru. Passionate about making money more approachable for women, she tirelessly assists female entrepreneurs in achieving financial success through effective money management and streamlined systems.

We talk about: 

  • All things “S Corp”
  • What taxable profit looks like
  • Overlooked write-offs
  • Investing strategies as entrepreneurs

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