If you like to spend your time and energy creating, but also want to keep your numbers in order so you aren’t buried when it comes to tax season, today’s episode is for you! What’s the main idea of the podcast episode? Why should they listen? 

Today’s episode of the WWP aims to equip you for tax season throughout the whole year. We talk about all the tips and tricks that can help you as an entrepreneur keep your numbers organized! My team handles bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services. Basically, we are accountants for creatives! Recently I shifted my role from client work to content creation and sales. Outside of work, any extra time I have goes to projects on the fixer-upper my husband and I bought in Brown County not too long ago!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Creating a consistent habit of booking, or staying involved with your bookkeeper with scheduled reviews
  • Having a good system for staying organized with your receipts both physical and electronic
  • Being clear on what you want your money people to do for you when it does come to tax season
  • The importance of reconciling your books
  • The difference between a P&L and a balance sheet
  • The advantage of an LLC versus an S-Corp 

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6 | How to Be Prepared For Tax Season with Amy Northard


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