If you have a website, you can have a business. But not all website are created equal! Today, we talk about the importance of having a strong website to attract and sell to your ideal client.

Your website represents you to your potential clients. Outside of needing to draw them in, you need to emotionally connect with them. Make sure they know there is a real person behind the images and copy.

Tracy Dungo, the guest speaker on today’s podcast, is the founder of Uno Dos Trae – a boutique creative agency specializing in impactful website and app designs for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives. Tracy’s journey began in corporate America, where she worked with major companies, sharing their stories and performance with shareholders and investors. Her early experiences laid the foundation for her understanding of storytelling, messaging, and positioning. She transitioned to the brand side, working with Ralph Lauren’s e-Commerce Department, where she deepened her expertise in online spaces and storytelling. Later, at Time Inc., she worked in consumer marketing for People Magazine, gaining insights into marketing analytics and performance storytelling. Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her agency, Tres, which now boasts a team of seven and thrives on helping businesses align their visions with reality.

We talk about: 

  • How a website can convert for you
  • How to design your website so it sells to the people you want to reach
  • 3 important parts of a website include: storytelling, analytical creativity, and psychological triggers

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46 | Websites That Convert with Tracy Dungo


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