Have you ever counted yourself out because you feel inadequate? If we are honest, we all feel inadequate at times. We can all find reasons why we aren’t good enough. But when we change the way we think and the way we view ourselves, we unlock potential like no other!

Have you launched a product and been disappointed with how it was received? Don’t give up. Stay curious instead! No matter what field you are in as an entrepreneur, staying curious will help you build the best offerings and products for your ideal client. Tune in to hear Brianne’s story and learn from her journey.

Brianne is a music teacher-turned-content creator! She is a true example of how changing your thinking can change your entire life! She went from one-on-one piano lessons to growing her Insta following and landing brand deals. Outside of work she and her husband love traveling and have added a toddler traveling buddy in the form of their son! One of their favorite places to visit is Glacier National Park.

We talk about: 

  • Maximizing your time and making more income
  • Dealing with mental blocks around how much you can make
  • Practices that help push you through scarcity

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38 | Leading with Curiosity with Brianne Hogan


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