Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of passive income? It’s the dream to make money while you are sleeping. Elizabeth McCravy shares her journey towards passive income as a web designer in today’s episode of the WW podcast.

How do you know if and when your business is ready to move towards passive income? It takes time to establish yourself as a business and build an audience. The good news is that Elizabeth shares an acronym that will help you decipher when your business could be ready!

Elizabeth is a web designer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Not only does she run her own design company, but she has also created courses to help other designers build profitable business, and enjoys passive income from her templates which she sells to creative business owners. Recently she and her husband have dabbled in real estate investing as well!

We talk about: 

  • How to create passive income and why it’s important
  • When to create passive income
  • Affiliates

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