The little habits we do every day make us who we are. Don’t buy the lie that you can’t change your habits. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Amanda Foust is our guest today sharing with us the power of habits and how choosing good habits can revolutionize your life!

Do you have a bad habit you would love to drop or a new habit you would love to add? If you want a science-backed method for breaking and creating habits, today’s episode is for you!

Amanda Foust is just about the purest person that ever was! On top of being just an all-around, incredible human, Amanda is a high-performance coach and helps success-driven business people develop daily habits and a growth-oriented mindset so that they can reach their highest potential and operate at peak performance. She runs her own marketing agency called Homegrown Collective which helps businesses scale their impact through relational marketing. She is a mom of four, wife to a fellow real estate investor, decor enthusiast, and world traveler!

We talk about: 

  • The three steps to forming a habit
  • The importance of creating healthy money habits
  • The role neuroplasticity plays in forming habits at any age
  • Creating affirmations as a habit
  • Using evidence to break old patterns and build new pathways

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30 | Setting Healthy Habits with Amanda Foust


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