It’s great to learn from someone who knows what’s up. When it comes to marketing, Whitney Kay knows her stuff! She has been in the industry for 15+ years and graciously agreed to share some of her expertise with us! If you want some direction on where to spend your energy in marketing, today’s episode is for you!

It’s tempting to believe that because someone has reached success that they were always successful. But that’s rarely the case. Whitney Kay shares her story as a perfect example! She also shares some best practices when it comes to marketing your business! Tune in!

Whitney Kay has been an entrepreneur for 15 years! While that number is a big number, she is only “old” in her knowledge and experience. She currently resides in Dallas TX where she runs her Marketing agency. Marketing has always been on her radar, but it wasn’t until a bit later that she found success with her own company.

We talk about:

  • Whitney’s story and the importance of always being a learner
  • What her business is about and what she does for people
  • Growing and scaling into a globally recognized brand
  • The importance of building community through social media

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28 | Change Your Brand With Effective Social Media with Whitney Kay


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