Are you ready for a conversation that takes a deeper look into all things “woo woo?” If you are willing to simply listen (or something a little deeper) to a conversation about masculine and feminine energy and the part it plays in life and business, today’s podcast is for you!

No matter what you believe, by understanding your money wounds and moving through them, you will become a healthier entrepreneur! On the same note, it takes all kinds of energy to propel you forward in life and in business. Understanding the role that masculine and feminine energy play in who you are, will help you run a better business and enjoy life.

Emily Wilcox may have the best view in town! While she grew up a midwesterner, she now lives in LA and can see the ocean from her dining room, living room, and bedroom! Mom of two, Emily helps diagnose and heal money wounds. She’s created an entire business dedicated to helping people identify their money wounds and walk through them to find their divine masculine and feminine energy!

We talk about:

  • The six different money wounds
  • Masculine and Feminine energy (and the 4 different parts to it)
  • How Masculine and Feminine energy play into life/business
  • Emily’s journey from Christianity to full spiritual awareness

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22 | Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy in Life and Biz with Emily Wilcox


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