Many of us begin entrepreneurship for the lifestyle and time freedom it can grant us, yet it’s one of the first things we abandon in the early days while we are hustling to make it all work. In this episode, you will hear from guest Laura Murphy as she shares her freedom framework, a 4 step-process to systemize your business. This is how Laura went from working 100 hours weeks down to 20 and enabled her the time freedom she craved!

Laura is a Brand Photographer and Business Educator for purpose-driven entrepreneurs ready to uncover their magic and take their brand, business, and life to the next level with freedom and alignment. She educates the creative community on all things workflow, systems, productivity, and time management to help her clients and students run THRIVING businesses that don’t require working around the clock. Laura is on a mission for entrepreneurs to schedule more date nights, brunch weekends, and vacations as a result of finding work-life balance while running a thriving business!

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