Have you ever struggled to find ways to create multiple streams of income within your business, or wanted greater financial security? If you answered yes, then today’s guest, Aubrey Westlund has some knowledge to spark your thinking!

No one wants to find themselves in a place where their product or service isn’t needed. As entrepreneurs, we have the power to create a business with multiple products and services so we aren’t limited. We can even harness the power of passive income to benefit our bottom line. Aubrey Westlund will show us how to get it done!

Guess who also got their start as a wedding photographer? Our guest today, Aubrey Westlund began her entrepreneurial journey the same way I did! She has shifted to working as a business mentor and consultant for other photographers and designers. Aubrey specifically helps creatives find multiple streams of income and passive income so their business can provide more financial security.

We talk about:

  • The importance of having multiple revenue streams within your business
  • 3 Pillars of passive income
    • 1. Your content-
    • 2. Monetizing your tools
    • 3. Monetizing your knowledge
  • Creating goals around your passive revenue stream

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17 | 3 Pillars of Passive Income with Aubrey Westlund


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