Have you ever heard someone share their story and thought, my life could never be that cool? Marley Harris is here to share with you how she unlocked her ideal life, and how you can do the same!  Do you ever wonder if you are living in alignment? You have a great job and make good money, but something just feels slightly off. Join my conversation with Marley as we talk about how to identify if you are truly living the life you are supposed to live, and if you aren’t, how to get there.

Marley Harris is from a small town where making 40k a year was doing well. She always knew she wanted more from her life. Not only did she want to reach higher in her career, but she wanted to live somewhere where summer was year around. Because she had entrepreneurial parents, Marley went the more traditional route and attended college. When it came time to start her career, she decided to go 100% on her side hustle rather than take the corporate job. While Rose Design flourished and Marley was living in Australia, she wasn’t in alignment. It wasn’t until 2021 when she launched her coaching and mindset business that she began living her best life!

We talk about: 

  • The power of a morning routine and hypnosis in Marley’s journey
  • How manifestation plays a role in achieving the life you desire
  • Science and woo-woo working together
  • Showing up for yourself consistently to see your dreams become a reality.

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