Chances are, sales are a part of your entrepreneurial journey. The word sales can conjure up some uncomfortable feelings, but it’s a necessary part of growing your business. That’s why I’ve invited Chaufa Nguyen onto today’s episode to create some strategy and excitement around selling! If you want to know how to make selling an extension of serving your clients and not just a push for money, today’s episode is for you!

Chaufa Nguyen is a sales and mindset coach who loves all things sales, mindset, and in-between! She is based out of Vancouver Not only does she help people love sales, but she shows them how to make more money as well. When she isn’t 100% business-minded, she loves to drink tequila, read a good book, go to the gym, and journal. Life is a balance after all!

Today we talk about: 

  • Why do sales get such a bad rep
  • Why selling is a non-negotiable 
  • Common mindset blocks when it comes to selling 
  • How you can go from hate to love in sales by selling something you believe in
  • Accepting “no” as a part of the sales process

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