Make more money in less time doing more of what you love

1:1 Coaching

We already know that there’s’ a direct and positive correlation between business coaching and entrepreneurial success. In fact, it’s been proven that coaching can produce a return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the program cost (not to mention, leads to increased confidence and enhanced decision-making skills). Imagine everything you can achieve if you layered coaching on top of mastering your money management?

Grow your business and increase your income sustainably and strategically.

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Reach the next level of expansion and understand your time and money investment in your company?

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A transformative container designed to propel your business and life into a new season of wealth, freedom, and abundance. As your dedicated money management and business coach, I offer a comprehensive program spanning over six months of immersive strategy, scaling, and mindset work. Together, we’ll work on dialing up your signature offer designed for optimal business growth, dive deeper into your niche, revamp your pricing, realign your sales strategy to support your new pricing structure, and establish accountability to do all of the things you know you need to do but have been afraid of.

1:1 Business Coaching


- Angie

I now enjoy a steady monthly income, can confidently plan for quarterly launches, and easily track my annual revenue!

“Since teaming up with Erinn, I've experienced some great improvements in my business finances.”

- natalie s.

I make fewer impulse investments in inventory because I know what works well and turns a better profit.

I [now] have a clear understanding of the need to spend money by hiring help, investing in marketing, etc, in order to make more money."

- rachel m.

Last year, I had explosive growth and it was fun to ride the wave with Erinn and hit 120K in revenue. This year has brought different challenges for my business. [After working with Erinn,] I started paying myself a monthly salary! I now complete my Biz P&Ls, CEO spreadsheet and personal money tracking spreadsheets at the end of each month. I have goals to pay off debt and save money. I work towards them steadily and methodically. 

“Erinn meets you where you are and doesn't judge you for your financial mistakes.”

It's a personalized roadmap to elevate your business to new heights, unlocking a season of prosperity and fulfillment that extends beyond your balance sheets.

This isn't just coaching

What You Can Expect

Begin our journey with a personalized Discovery Session. This includes a strengths finder assessment which helps drive the individualized way I work with each woman. We'll also unravel the intricacies of your business, assess your current financial landscape, and delve into your aspirations. Together, we'll set clear and achievable goals for the next six months, aligning them with your vision of wealth and abundance.

Discovery Session and Goal Setting

In a series of bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, we’ll deep-dive into re-strategizing the parts of your business required to hit your next-level financial goals — without the long work hours or hitting burnout. This includes tailored strategies, scaling techniques, and transformative mindset work.

Immersive 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

Execute our meticulously crafted plan with confidence. The power of coaching isn't only about learning new things or accountability — it’s also about helping you see blindspots that are hard to see on your own as the leader of your company. Between sessions, you'll have continuous support from a coach "in your pocket" that you can access for day-to-day strategy or help with mindset blocks.

Implementation and Ongoing Support

visibility coach and content creator

Mariah Althoff

owner, music connection co.

Debby Smyth

social media management, content creation, and marketing support

Madeline Hornung

What they’re saying

Just imagine — looking at your list of financial goals and actually getting focused with a plan on how to achieve them.

Not feeling like you’re going to have a panic attack every time you hear the word “taxes.”

Continuing to grow your bottom line and being able to pay yourself more as a result so you can achieve your personal goals, rather than reinvesting everything back into your business..

Make more money in less time doing more of what you love

  • 6 months of private and extremely high-touch coaching
  • Customized support driven by what motivates you as an individual, how you learn best, and what your specific vision and goals are
  • 2 x 60-minute calls a month
  • Strengths finder assessment work
  • Voxer access to me
  • Drive access
  • Money Matrix and Wealthy Woman Curriculum access

As the most high-touch program I offer, our 1:1 work gives you access to all of my knowledge, tools, cirriculum, including:

What's included

- Rachel M.

“My highest revenue month ever! Credit card debt paid off and we got a new car. Feeling extra grateful today. You change peoples lives!”

- Madeline H.

“I used to be a big time impulsive spender but I now with a budget and the tools I need to truly be a CFO of my business I feel empowered to NOT always spend if it isn’t serving me, my family and my business."

- Angie

“[Erinn] takes a comprehensive approach to your finances, both personal and business, and has a knack for uncovering those hidden blind spots. Working with her has been a game-changer for me.”

- Natalie S.

“[Erinn] pushed me to investigate the areas of my money mindset and business that I had preferred to just not "deal" with. I don't think I would have grown or made any changes without having that push!”

- Brooklyn

“money has always been an icky thing for me and has had A LOT of negative energy around it, but the way you talk about money and finances truly shifted my mindset.”

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How do I decide which program is best for me? 

I’m looking for accountability - which program is best for me? 

Both programs are offered 1:1 with Erinn. The Signature Money Program is a very specific curriculum and intensive style specific focused just on money. It’s high action and shorter container of time. 1:1 coaching is a more fully immersive program where we do both the money work and business strategy. This is where we delve into pricing, offer and sales strategy and not only focus on money but re-work your business to make you more money. 

What is the difference in the programs?

How do I decide which program is best for me? 

I’m looking for accountability - which program is best for me? 

Both programs offer accountability with high-touch voxer and drive support but the 1:1 coaching program is 6 months long and is more supportive for deeper accountability and habit change. 


How do I decide which program is best for me? 

I’m looking for accountability - which program is best for me? 

Get on a call!! That is the purpose of jumping on a discovery call with me! I can see if coaching is a good fit and which one might be the best fit for you! 


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