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Say goodbye to sweaty armpits and hello to money confidence ... and more money with a solid plan. I’ll show you how to turn your financial anxiety into a success story.

Redefining how female entrepreneurs think and manage their money to build true financial freedom.

You know all of the ways to make money and how to make more of it. The irony? You're so immersed in the "making" part that you forget to keep a close eye on the "keeping" part. It's like you've got this bucket — a bucket that represents your hard-earned cash — and it's got this teeny-tiny hole in it. Every month, you're pouring more money into the bucket, only to watch it slowly leak away.

Sound familiar?

You run a successful business, the kind that turns heads and has others wondering, “How does she do it?!” Your hard work is paying off and yet, despite all the wins, you’re still paying yourself inconsistently, often left wondering where on earth all your money has gone at the end of each month.

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Did you know that 3.8 million American women have below average financial literacy skills? It's a skill we aren't taught in school.

What if I told you that you can finally feel empowered financially and ensure that...

  • You finally have substantial savings under your belt, allowing you to weather any storm or opportunity with confidence?
  • You take every kind of vacation that you can dream of with your family?
  • The weight of paying off your debt is finally lifted off your shoulders?
  • You can buy yourself nice things when you want to simply because it brings you joy?

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs for a Secure Tomorrow

of female respondents have high financial literacy (compared to 23% of men), according to the The P-Fin Index.


Source: TIaa Institute-Gflec personal finance index (2023)

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I’m a money mindset and management coach, podcaster, and real estate investor...and I’ve made knowing the ins-and-outs of finances kiiind of my thing.

I believe that your dreams are directly tied to your relationship with money, and that female entrepreneurs are able to change history for women and money. That’s why I created a judgment-free zone where women like you can trade the shame and money skeletons in your closets for empowerment and certainty to help you master your money for a more secure tomorrow.

If you’ve been looking for a no-bullshit cheerleader who can coach you through the mystery of your numbers—then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Erinn Bridgman



GOOD FOR: The 6-figure entrepreneur desiring 8 weeks of focused work around money management & money mindset to reach the financial results they desire 

GOOD FOR: established female biz owners looking for expansive rooms to be in that prioritizes deep connection and transparent money convos and wealth building strategies

Reframe your mindset, erase shame, and break free from the cycle of money anxiety.

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- Angie

I now enjoy a steady monthly income, can confidently plan for quarterly launches, and easily track my annual revenue!

“Since teaming up with Erinn, I've experienced some great improvements in my business finances.”

ready to make a change?

Being a business owner can involve making personal sacrifices, including lower pay, so you can pursue your dreams and build something meaningful. 

But here’s the thing — the sacrifice of not paying yourself consistently or not knowing how much salary to take is not a necessary part of the journey towards long-term success.

But I can help.

If your reality looks a lot like this...

Here's the scoop on my game-changing money magic: you’ll get access to my proprietary Money Matrix System, the foundation of your money journey, created and tailored for creative entrepreneurs like you. This will help you achieve your goals like paying off debt, investing in your business, and making lifestyle upgrades — and ensure that you work towards them steadily and methodically without burnout.

Proven Money Management System

Understanding how your mindset impacts successful money management is the game-changer that often gets overlooked. The deep money mindset work we’ll do together is guaranteed to shift your habits and the way you think about and manage your money. It's like reshaping the very ground your financial decisions stand on — and a crucial part to having a genuinely healthy relationship with money that feels stress-free.

Money Mindset

Being a money-maker with your business doesn’t matter much if you're not giving your bank account the attention it deserves. And unlike other programs, we don’t just focus on your business numbers...we also dive into your personal finances. This is the true way to achieve wealth and the difference between having a savings account that has purpose and makes you feel excited to save vs spending your money all the time just because you can.

Holistic Financial Approach

I get you to financial confidence in 3 unique ways:

financial coaching done differently

Tune in for episodes dedicated to helping you raise your income, your impact, and your wealth.

The Wealthy Woman Podcast

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Discover your money personality and learn how it impacts your unique relationship with your finances with the Sacred Money Archetype tool. These insights are key to elevating your money management and mindset journey and unlocking financial abundance and success.

When you take control of your thoughts about money, you can make better money decisions easier without having to overthink it. This digital journal will set you on the right path to manifesting the life you want.

This Budget Planner is a simple and straightforward tool that will equip you with a budget system for understanding your numbers as the CFO of your personal life. Made with manifestation elements and an entrepreneur mindset.




Sacred Money Archetype

Money Mindset Journal

Budget Planner

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- Rachel M.

“My highest revenue month ever! Credit card debt paid off and we got a new car. Feeling extra grateful today. You change peoples lives!”

- Madeline H.

“I used to be a big time impulsive spender but I now with a budget and the tools I need to truly be a CFO of my business I feel empowered to NOT always spend if it isn’t serving me, my family and my business."

- Angie

“[Erinn] takes a comprehensive approach to your finances, both personal and business, and has a knack for uncovering those hidden blind spots. Working with her has been a game-changer for me.”

- Natalie S.

“[Erinn] pushed me to investigate the areas of my money mindset and business that I had preferred to just not "deal" with. I don't think I would have grown or made any changes without having that push!”

- Brooklyn

“money has always been an icky thing for me and has had A LOT of negative energy around it, but the way you talk about money and finances truly shifted my mindset.”

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Stop wasting years of your hard-earned money because you don’t have a plan. It’s time to get your numbers in order and rewrite your money story today.

You won't see change in your money until you make a change.

These numbers are generated based on $500 a month investment at 8% return retiring at age 65.

Source: Mass Mututal